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With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we felt the need to do more to help support our community. As front liners battle daily to combat the disease, it is with hope that every piece of our fabric face masks sold will free up medical face masks for the purpose of treating patients with symptoms of Covid 19 and for frontliners' use, apart from injecting a touch of artisanal workmanship &  creativity in an object of utility.


To help support the community limit the spread of COVID-19, Maarimaia has designed the Fabric Face Mask in a variety of print and materials from the brand’s previous collections. Each piece of Maarimaia Fabric Face Mask is crafted from upcycled remnant fabric and is washable, adjustable and reusable. Each piece is unique in design due to placement of paper pattern on fabric.



Every piece of fabric face mask is made locally in Malaysia by home based seamstresses.  It is available in adult and kids sizes. Measurements for both sizes are displayed in the product page here. 
The fabric mask is comprised of three layers (unless otherwise stated) : the outer fabric, a middle waterproof filter layer and the inner lining layer. 
Additionally , each mask is equipped with a disposable filter pocket in the inner lining as an additional protection layer. Every purchase of mask includes a piece of PM2.5 carbon filter , you may use any filter of your choice thereafter. 
The PM 2.5 replaceable cloth filters work as a daily protection by filtering particles with a diameter of 2.5 micrometres or less.
Please note that this is not a medical facemask & we urge you to practice social distancing & follow sanitising guidelines in addition to wearing this facemask. 
Face masks are likely to become a regular feature of daily life in Malaysia as we approach a Partial Restricted Movement Order. 
Maarimaia's Fabric Face Masks are handwashable and reusable, perfect for 
sustainable daily use to reduce the wastage of disposable medical masks. As masks become part of our new normal, why not wear a mask fashionably ? 


Perfect for Mother’s Day, the Maarimaia Fabric Face Mask is available to purchase for here.
For corporate enquiry, please contact us here.